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I've been bumping into these guys and gals more frequently around town, both incidentally and at hosted parties to introduce themselves to young artists. Kickstarter is only the beginning of what these guys have in store for us. What's cool about most of them is that they aren't the pirates of the previous dotcom era, the ones that pillaged our content and repurposed it for the web. It seems they really appreciate the art (and business) of making movies and they are quite sincere in wanting to help the independent filmmaker in creating original content and getting it out to an interested audience.

I'm not really feeling the new Doctor or his companions, they just seem like poor substitutes compared to the other newcomers over the past six or seven years. I love Dr. Who and will still give the second season a chance, but it hasn't hooked me yet as the previous two incarnations did.

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The classic styles of celebrated clothing designer Tory Burch will arrive next September in Bellevue at The Bravern. As the first Tory Burch boutique in the Northwest, the new shop will offer an exclusive collection of readytowear, handbags, shoes and jewelry in the signature styles of the classic and modern label. The boutique will encompass 1,400 square feet of space at The Shops at The Bravern, an outside shopping villa located on the corner of the I405 interchange and Northeast Eighth Street.

She was a precursor of feminist art of the 1970s and much of the work that was produced in the '80s around the AIDS crisis, she said. Dots had a rather sad beginning for Kusama. Since her childhood, she had recurring hallucinations. A portrait of her mother that she drew when she was 10 years old shows a forlorn face covered with spots.

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