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Antonio Arbo, ministro de Salud Pblica, dijo en conferencia de prensa que debido a la irrupcin masiva de los mosquitos "la alerta epidemiolgica se extender por otras doce semanas en todo el pas. Los hospitales pblicos estn obligados en este tiempo a atender prioritariamente a personas con sntomas y signos de la enfermedad dengue".

20 and 21. Lamar University's Dishman Art Museum in Beaumont hosts its third annual weekend of fine wine and haute cuisine to support the museum. Friday, Oct. Guests will dine in the Museum; there will be a reception and silent auction. On Saturday, Oct. in the Dishman Art Museum lecture hall. In the Museum, offering samples of gourmet cuisine with complementary wines. Tickets are $175 each for dinner; $45 each for the cooking demonstration and the wine pairing; or $80 for both cooking school and the wine pairing. Make reservations at 8808959..

Not everyone saw revenue go up last month, however. Cincinnati retail giant Federated Department Stores, owner of Macy Bloomingdale and other department stores including Hecht which it bought this year reported almost a 1 percent slide in samestore sales in October, largely because some Gulf Coast stores remained closed due to hurricanes.

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In the upscale boutiques of Singapore, New York or Zurich where Oprah Winfrey claims a sales clerk refused to show her a $38,000 bag purses priced in the four figures are common. In fact, they're so common that a higher level of luxury exists to set the superrich apart from the merely affluent.

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On several recent visits to Marks and Spencer, my firm found most shoppers to be foreigners or Chinese women in their 50s and 60s. Chinese companies like automaker BYD and clean technology company LDK Solar (LDK) have improved their product quality and are plowing lots of money into research and development. The Chinese are spending $9 billion a month on R in clean ray ban wayfarer sunglasses cheap tech, according to data compiled by CMRG. (About $30 billion came from the $586 billion stimulus program. and Europe, the majority say more innovation is taking place in China in the cleantechnology sector than anywhere else.

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