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"I think you try to milk it and say you're not going to milk it," said Derek Baine, a cable TV analyst for SNL Kagan. "You don't want to seem real crass and taking advantage of a personal tragedy. In fact, it's their job to boost the ratings. There's nothing like a good car wreck."

Designs of the commemorative coins represent the Battle of Baltimore and The StarSpangled Banner. The where to get ray bans cheap obverse (heads) side of the gold coin depicts a naval battle with an American sailing ship in the foreground and a damaged, fleeing British ship in the background. On the reverse (tails) side are the words "O say can you see" in a rendition of Francis Scott Key's handwriting, against a backdrop of the 15star, 15stripe 1812era American flag. The design where to get ray bans cheap of the silver coin's obverse where to get ray bans cheap (heads) side has Lady Liberty waving a 15star, 15stripe American flag with Fort McHenry in the background. On the reverse (tails) side is a modern American flag.

First impressions of the hotel were positive; reception staff were friendly, helpful and provided lots of information about the hotel and trips. We were given one of the rooms on the fifth floor (larger rooms at the end) which have not yet been upgraded but were huge with ample room for just three where to get ray bans cheap where to get ray bans cheap of us. We were able to kick a football around! The bathroom was also large; we had two sinks and a bidet toilet in a separate room. The only thing that let the hotel down was that the third bed had not been made (we were also told by other guests that they received a bottle of cava and chocolates on arrival we didn't :( ). Things to do outside the hotel:The hotel offers a great bus service which runs throughout the day (excluding lunchtime) to Maspalomas and Playa Del Ingles beach. Maspalomas offers less in the way of shops but is more scenic; sand dunes are an attraction at this beach. Worth a look if you need gifts. Hotel was great, very clean, tidy and rooms were amazing as they have just been refurbished to a high standard. One of the best hotel rooms I have ever stayed in. Reception staff very helpful and welcoming with check in/out quick. Food was good, lots of variety although it could have been hotter. Location was OK and was within walking distance to the beach (the hotel also provided a free bus service). The 1 2 Fly entertainment team were very friendly (more so than the hotel entertainment team) and also talented for youngsters. There was no racing for the sun beds which was welcomed.

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